SOM e.t is a living, mutating organism, a dance, and a concert. It's a universe built on relationships, entanglement, and interweaving. This performance searches for the softness that disrupt borders and creates space for imagining territories of kinships. It seeks for connection and to allow the research material to become an entity capable of having its own dreams. Where does the self end, and where does the world begin? earth seeping out of its pores.

Three dancers are connected through an electro-acoustic string instrument. As they lean out from each other, the strings are stretched, and create resonance for the sound. Here, the self-selected or forced loneliness and isolation that might characterize our lives, the perceived encapsulation, and the individual who is nevertheless always forced to exist in relation to others are questioned. Here we are all porous beings that leak, affect and are affected by each other and our ecology.

SOM e.t had its premiere at SKOGEN, Masthuggsterassen in Gothenburg 30th of november 2023 and was created during residencies at Dans I blekinge, Riksteatern and Skogen

(Care)Attach yourself to an instrument which is attached thorough piano strings that stretches between three bodies. When you move, they move, because you are attached.

Try holding the other through the strings, the one who is held, relaxes and floats, perhaps with eyes closed. /You can also try to communicate through the strings, through your entanglement. Have a conversation through movement. Talk about mountains.

(Love)Points in space. Imagine invisible strings that reaches out to someone you love, dead or alive. Draw that line with your body trying to reach it while staying in one place. Connect the line from your heart to that persons heart. Repeat with several people, animals, places. Draw the line to the nebula located in the H 2 region in the north-west of Saggitarius in the milky way´s scutum-centaurus arm. Draw a very short line to a stranger. The lines can vary in size, color, shape and form. Draw a line from your bellybutton to your mothers. Try it in different spaces, try in a public space, try it with us at Skogen.

Choreography, instruments, costume, scenography: elieli

Dancers: Alice MacKenzie, Mariê Mazer, Nathalie Wiberg

Compositions and live sound design: Brenda El Rayes

Light design: Fredrik Glahns

Costume advisor: Josefin Jussi Andersson

3d print: Xpanded reality

3d scan preparation: Albin Karlsson

With support from: Swedish Church, The city council of Gothenburg, Swedish arts grants, Riksteatern, dans I Blekinge and Skogen.

Photos by Christian Olofsson

Thank you: Kim Ekberg, Elina Birkehag, Hamadi Khemiri, Felix Noble Andreasson, Hara Alonso, Jens Masimov, Cara Tolmie, Jakob Skote, Albin Karlsson, Andreas Hannes

Brenda El Rayes is a composer, sound designer, and DJ with a degree from the Royal College of Music. She creates sound based on her emotions and experiences. Everyone has a sonic language, and Brenda tries to find hers, deeply rooted in Orthodox Church Arabic music mixed with her Western musical impulses.

Alice MacKenzie is a dance artist, performer and writer. Her work tangles speculative fiction with medicinal plants and cultures of bacteria which she shares as performances and leaky zines.

Nathalie Wiberg is a dancer whose practice involves listening with all her senses, playful explorations, and soft borders.

Mariê Mazer (they/them) works with a mix of ass-shaking, drag-kinging and hardcore thrash metal. Their work is focused on queering urban subcultures both from an autobiographical and a collective position.