I keep falling in and out of love and as i do the world is spinning so fast that if we would feel the spin we would be so so dizzy, things just flying around us and maybe thats why, i keep falling in and out of love all the time- simulating the dizziness, with all means necessary.

But anyway, what is separating you and i? Where does my body end and yours begin? How can whales hear each other through the oceans from one side of the world to the other? How can we hear each other that way too? What are the responsibilities and moral implications co- ming from this? Maybe we are all one big organism feeling and contracting each other. What is the sound of our collective heartbeat? I wanna dance to it, shake my oceans.

Humans as much water as the watermelons, juicy as fuck our bodies water containers. And all i wanted to be when i grew up was a cloud, nearly there, working on it...

My grandmother only told me lies and my grandfather only asked me questions with no possible answers and in that peculiar place i was born and through this i am birthing, fictional, perhaps untangible worlds where questions can be asked and goosebumps can arrive. A quest(ion) to deploy the hierarchy of senses and of truths. How can we live and be in this world together?